Beautifully hand made at the Smiths factory in Wales, UK. Black billet aluminum cases and waterproof screw on bezel. We now offer the wider flange bezels and brackets for older British Motorcycles with nacelles. The chronometric gauges are the same diameter as the originals with stainless steel mounting studs in back located at 6 and 12 o’clock. Although it has solid state internals, the tachometer is unique as you can switch between the traditional Chronometric clock style “ticking” or a smooth sweep action like the later magnetic gauges. The wiring harness is disguised as the light bulb wire complete woven cloth and solid brass knurled thumb screw fitting. A plugged threaded dummy fitting is attached to the bottom (removable and comes with plug)) for those wanting to really replicate the look of a stock gauge allowing a section of speedo or tach cable to be attached and terminate elsewhere in the bike. Digital odometer/trip meter and built in LED lighting. Please note: 12 volt only positive or negative ground. We now offer a small rechargeable 12 volt Lithium-ion battery (easily hidden in head lamp shell or under tank) for motorcycles without batteries or have 6 volt magnetos. Call for details. You may need to use the HT sensor & amplifier for the chronometric tachometer on motorcycles with magnetos. Smiths Digital Chronometric uses the same graphics and typeface as the originals but now is an updated version of the early units used on classic British Motorcycles. Please check the accessories page or call to see what type of sender will drive your new updated speedometer. Chronometric speedometers are now available in 80, 120, and 140 mph and the equivalent in KPH. Chronometric tachometers are available in both 8,000 and 10,000 rpm.





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