The Smiths company was founded by Samuel Smith in London in 1851 as a clock and watch business. At the start of the 20th century, the age of the early motorcycles and automobiles, the company produced the first British odometer “mileometer” and speedometer. In the 1930’s, Smiths agreed to a trading deal with Lucas whereby the two would not compete in certain areas and Lucas took on part of Smiths non-instrumentation assets. Smiths became the dominant supplier of instruments to British motorcycle and motorcar firms.

In 1946, Smiths and the Ingersoll Watch Company founded the Anglo-Celtic Watch Co. Ltd., which produced watches in Wales, this became one of the largest producers of watches in Europe. From the late 60’s the production of Smiths instruments was integrated into the watch factory and eventually became its entire output.

The progression of technology finds the internal mechanism of the original Smiths gauges heralding it’s original roots as watchmakers hence the original Chronometrics had clockwork type mechanisms. Eventually the gauges progressed to magnetic internals. With technology the gauge internals have now evolved with modern electronics. They still maintain the original design, colors, utilize the period cases, bezels, mounting stud orientation and length so they will fit your gauge holders as the originals that came with your motorcycle. Smith’s motorcycle gauges are still manufactured in Wales.

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