Smiths Speedo Drive Conversion Kits

New Upgrade For Your Broken Smiths Mechanical Speedo Gear Drive

The newest product exclusively designed and made for us in the USA for your British Bike. It contains a Ruthenium contact reed switch tested at over a billion pulses in a custom turned housing to fit inside the old Smiths Speedo drive. A CNC machined reluctor with 4 rare earth magnets and pressed in seal completes the kit to generate a smooth signal. The purpose was to finally eliminate the last finicky mechanical part of your speedo system while still maintaining that classic look. How many of us have a couple of trashed Smiths Speedo drives sitting in a tin can on the shelf somewhere in our shop thinking someday there would be a way to refurbish it? Well that time is finally here … not repair but to convert it. It’s designed to work exclusively with the new Smiths Gauges with electronic internals. The only part you need from your old drive is a decent case. The kit is universal so it can be installed on a right or left hand drive. You remove all the internals, install the new pick up in your old speedo drive and attach the new sensor to the slotted lockring on your axle. The whole process should take you about twenty minutes.

Something to consider….The Hall Effect sender is going to cost you less money but still requires a working gear drive. If yours is good and you want to save some bucks that option is great. But suppose your drive is broken. You will have to buy a reproduction gear drive made in Chi-Wan somewhere as the original new Smiths gear drives made in UK are no longer available. Even the reproduction ones aren’t cheap and from our research, longevity is not their strong point. You then purchase the Hall Effect Sender and attach it to your reproduction gear drive. By the time you pay for both plus shipping it could get pricey. So save yourself a lot of hassle for probably less than half the price. No more worries about how long your old (or new) one will last and one less maintenance item to take care of on your old British bike.
How to video:

Smiths Gauges USA Speedometer Drive Conversion kit: $89.50

Another option: You can do this conversion yourself with basic tools and if you ride a British motorcycle, you already have some great mechanical ability right? Ok but if you don’t want to, we can do the conversion for you. We will need your speedo drive core (nonworking/working) doesn’t matter as it will be gutted anyway. If yours is knackered, give us a ring and we can sell you a cheap genuine used Smiths core (based on availability). Just make sure yours it isn’t cracked, gouged, or the axle hole isn’t oblong or bunged out. If they are bulged out around the axle hole and you try to hammer them down, they will most likely crack as they are made of pot metal. If it is, again call us for availability for a used one as it isn’t worth the time or money to repair it. The conversion price includes the kit and using your core. We remove the no longer necessary drive ring, gears, threaded cable holder and bullet end cap. We media blast the drive and powder coat it. The brass bullet end cap is polished and reinstalled. We press in the pickup and send you the ring with the inner seal already installed. All you have to do is apply some RTF and engage it to the slotted lock ring and then slide your converted drive back on and “Bobs your Uncle”.

Smiths Gauges USA Speedometer Drive Conversion Kit including conversion and restoration: Includes media blasting the case, removing old gear drive and threaded cable end, powder coating, polishing brass bullet cap and installation. Good core required: $145.00

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