These are the classic Smiths analog faced gauges that are as part of of your British motorcycle as the bike itself with one major difference. These work with digitally remastered internals. No more glancing at the gauge and trying to guess your actual speed or rpm by visually “averaging” between the bouncing needle.

Made by Smiths-the original manufacturer of your current Smiths gauges in Wales, UK in one of their original factories and yes, even the motherboard of the gauge is made in the same factory…not the orient. The cases are made of stamped steel-not plastic with the same type of rolled over waterproof bezel as the gauges from the 60’s and 70’s. Lighting is from a built in LED. 12 volt positive or negative ground. Tachometer hooks to the coils and Speedometer gets it’s signal from either a hall effect sender attached to your stock gear drive (ratio and wheel size doesn’t matter) for an “original look” or reed sensor (similar to a bicycle gauge) that can pick up from the sprocket, disc carrier or spokes *not included-see accessories. This will also eliminate that leaky tach drive and cable from your British iron. Since this original factory has the original analog artwork for the gauge faces, all attempts were made to incorporate the black out digital display to blend in naturally providing you with a reliable odometer and trip meter.

So while we can appreciate NOS gauges, if your bike is a rider, consider the price of a rebuild and core and how long that rebuild will actually last…

The Tachometer will either be wired into the switched side of the ignition coil circuit or may be driven by a dedicated ECU signal if one is available and has programmable options from single to six cylinders.

New Product Announcement

New Euro Style Smiths Gauges

Now Smiths offers a set of gauges for your motorcycle that was made across the channel.
The European look tachometer will look great on your Ducati, Moto Guzzi, BMW and even your Japanese bikes. Built in LED lighting. Can be set for positive or negative ground. 12 volt positive or negative earth. Picks up pulses directly from your coil, ECU, or spark plug wire (may require HT amplifier on 6 volt magnetos systems-see accessories). Programmable from 1-6 cylinders so works on everything from your Ducati single to a Benelli 6. Stamped black steel case with crimped on chromed bezel. Details/Tech the same our other tachometers.

Smiths Euro Look Tachometer: $279.50

Euro Look Tachometers

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