Race Tachometers

Our new Race Tachometer made exclusively for Smiths Gauges USA by Smiths in England. Why? Because we race! Our new race tachometer addresses issues we’ve had for years with our old tachometers. This is a fantastic alternative to what has been bouncing around in vintage racing circuits for years. The first is Smiths proprietary circuitry that dampens vibrations allowing for hard mounting in either your race fairing or gauge holder. A built in red line indicator allows for adjustment for your race bike and eliminates the need to put tape on your dial face (note: not a rev limiter). Can run on your on 12 volt battery but if you run on a total loss system or magneto an external battery kit come with the unit. The advantage of an external battery supply means you don’t have to send the whole tach back to the UK and have the case split to change the battery. The battery pack also has a built in on/off switch. We have also run a small external rechargeable Lithium- ion battery. This allows for independent charging with built in on/off switch, led power on indicator and charging/charged indicator which should allow for a full weekend of racing on a single charge (Call for details). Tachometer can be set up to run on 1-6 cylinders-positive or negative ground. Pick up is from coil, ECU or spark plug lead (note: some low volt magneto systems may require the HT amplifier). The cases are light weight but made of stamped steel which gives your tach a much better chance of surviving a crash on the track compared to a plastic case. Currently available in 12K but 8K and higher RPM selection should be available soon.

Price: $289.50 Special pricing for AHRMA or WERA members. Call for details.


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